Epoxy Primer

Priming is the most crucial step in any epoxy resin project. At EPODEX we offer an easy-to-use, 1 component system designed to seal off surfaces prior to the application of epoxy resin ensuring a non-absorbent surface you can rely on!

Epodex Priming Kits

At EPODEX you have the option to choose between two priming kits. First up is the Epoxy primer, an affordable water-based 1 component system widely used on floors and countertops. It can also be applied to walls and other surfaces that will be coated with epoxy resin.

On smooth, non-porous surfaces, our primer acts as an adhesion bridge. On very porous surfaces, the primer seals and profoundly minimizes the subsequent absorption of the epoxy resin you apply afterward. The EPODEX Epoxy Primer is easy to use and cures in just a few short hours. Simply apply a thin layer with a foam roller.

Looking for an all-in-one product? Try out the CONCRETE PAINT 2K primer, a glossy epoxy resin-based 2 component paint that is primarily used on floors subject to heavy wear and tear and constant foot traffic. The Concrete Paint 2K can be used as a primer and main coating making it very versatile.


The Epoxy Primer from EPODEX offers a multitude of advantages. Remember that all our products can be used by beginners with little to no experience. We offer professional step-by-step video tutorials to walk you through the process from start to finish. A proper priming layer is the fundamental foundation of any epoxy resin project. It is the most crucial step and will give you the results you’ve always dreamed of. It is essential in sealing off any surface prior to the application of epoxy resin. Do not skip this step!

The Epoxy Primer is water-based meaning you can add 5-10% of water by weight. This allows you to reduce the viscosity making it even easier to apply. The Epoxy primer has no pot life either meaning you don’t need to stress in rushing your work.

The EPODEX CONCRETE PAINT 2K is also water-based and can be diluted with 20% water (by weight).

How to Apply the Epoxy Primer

Applying the Epoxy primer is easy, quick, and hassle-free. The stress of weighing out the material no longer presents itself as this is a 1 component system. Start by repairing any holes, cracks, or edges. When working on floors make sure the surface is leveled. Use cement-based leveling compound if needed to create an even surface.

If the surface to be coated is extremely porous, it is recommended to use an additional saturating primer for example a paint undercoat that prevents the epoxy primer from being absorbed into the surface.

Always make sure the surface is dry, clean, and dust-free. Shake the epoxy primer container well before use or use a stir stick to mix.

Apply the epoxy primer immediately after mixing into a paint tray. Apply a thin layer of the epoxy primer with a foam roller. If you are completing a floor it is recommended to wear nail soles.

Allow it to dry for approximately 8 hours. We recommend a processing temperature of 70°F. Continue with the main coating. Depending on the project, use our CONCRETE PAINT 2K, or a Flooring kit. The main coat can be touched/walked on after about 24 hours and is fully chemically cured after about 7 days.

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