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1. Declaration of Consent

By uploading the images and/or videos, you declare and guarantee that you are the unrestricted copyright holder of the images/videos presented in this document. Furthermore, you agree that the images/videos presented in this document may be published online, e.g. on the EPODEX websites,,, as well as other EPODEX sites. You also agree that the images/videos may be used on social networks and websites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.) as well as in all print and digital media. All images/videos may be altered beforehand by image editing.

You agree that the personal details, the products used and my experience, as well as the pictures and videos you have provided, may be used for product evaluations, etc. on the EPODEX websites.

The publication takes place indefinitely and quantitatively unrestricted. Consent remains if the responsible operator (EPODEX USA Corp.) operates in a different legal form or in the form of another company. The responsible operator is not liable for unauthorized and improper use by third parties.

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3. Obligations of EPODEX GmbH

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4. Data Protection

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5. Legal Action

The right of appeal is excluded.

6. Severability Clause

Sould one or more of the provisions be unconstitutional, void or unenforceable, the remaining portions of the contract in force remain valid.