Flooring Epoxy Resin Kit

Flooring Epoxy Resin Kit

Perfect for Designer Floors, Garage Floors, Industrial Floors, and much more

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  • Ideal for all types of flooring, such as industrial floors, garage floors and design floors.
  • Coating thickness: 1/16″
  • Properties: odourless, abrasion-resistant, waterproof, UV-stabilised, high coverage
  • Working time: 60min., Curing time: Primer 8-12hrs., main coat 16-24hrs.
  • Scope of delivery: Color kits consist of resin, hardener, primer, and color. Clear kit does not include primer.
  • Application instructions can be found on this product page

Select your color

Selection : Clear Epoxy Flooring Kit

Color Selection
    • 2x Masking Tape – 2 x 164ft
    • 4x Nitrile Gloves
    • 1x Stirrer with Propeller Blade – 3×13 3/4
    • 1x Stirrer with Propeller Blade – 1 3/4×15
    • 2x Mixing bucket – 2,1 Gallons (8 liters)
    • 2x Mixing bucket – 3,1 Gallons (12 liters)
    • 2x Paint Tray 12×13
    • 1x Surface Squeegee 10 with Pole Holder
    • 1x Roller Handle for 10 Sleeve
    • 3x Foam Roller Sleeve 10

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Designer Flooring & Floor Sealants

Shop now one of your epoxy resin flooring kit and easily lay it on any types of floor. It is perfect to create a designer floor at home, to be used as a floor sealant in the garage, and more. Don’t miss out on our stone and marble kits, which have been put together by our expert designer team! What are you waiting for? - Give your home a unique look!

Bubble Free

Thanks to special additives, our epoxy resins self-vent completely at room temperature. This means that all air bubbles disappear before complete chemical curing. You do not need a blow torch or hot air gun to remove the bubbles. Since no extra heat is applied to the uncured resin, there is no risk of having soot stains on your resin.

epoxy resin


Our epoxy resins are easy to use. The easy mixing ratio of 2:1 (resin: hardener) facilitates the calculation. In addition, high-quality flow additives always ensure a flawless casting and coating result.
Easy to use


All our epoxy resin systems are without free BPA (=Bisphenol A). “BPA-free” means that there is no free bisphenol A in our epoxy resins. Bisphenol A is a plasticizer in plastics and resins. Bisphenol A can dissolve from BPA-containing products when they come into contact with food and then enter the human body. This can again can cause health problems.
BPA Free epoxy resin

Solvent Free & Odorless

Our Flooring Epoxy Kit is free of solvents. It also contains low VOCs. “VOC” is the abbreviation for volatile organic compounds. VOC-containing epoxy resins, as well as adhesives and paints, can continue to evaporate for years after drying and curing and release substances into the air that are hazardous to one´s health. The VOC content in the air can be determined with CO2 measuring devices. Especially in closed rooms, a high VOC content in the air can lead to breathing difficulties, headaches, and other health problems. In closed rooms and when using a lot of epoxy resin, e.g., for tables and floors, we, therefore, advise the use of our high-quality epoxy resins.
certified voc free epoxy
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  2. Odorless
  3. Solvent Free
  4. BPA Free
  5. Easy to Use

Instructions for Primer

  1. For application, we recommend a room, floor and epoxy temperature of minimum 60°F.
  2. The surface should be dust-free, even and as watertight as possible. Unevenness and slopes should be levelled in advance with leveling compound.
  3. Start with our EPOXY PRIMER. This primer is included in the scope of delivery (except clear kit).
  4. Stir the primer with a stir stick.
  5. Transfer the material into a paint tray.
  6. Roll the material thinly onto the desired surface with a roller.
  7. Let the primer dry for about 8-12h (at 60°F).
  8. If you have selected a Marble kit, apply the marble effect spray and let it dry.

Instructions for Main Coat

  • Mix the resin and hardener in a mixing ratio of 2:1 (e.g. 2gal resin: 1gal hardener).
  • Stir through the edge and bottom of the mixing cup as material will settle there. Ideally, pour into a clean mixing cup and mix again. This ensures that the resin and hardener are completely mixed together.
  • To color the main coating, mix the colorants with the resin-hardener mixture.

Solid Color Kits:
Dye the delivered epoxy resin in this color. Apply the color over the entire floor.

Metallic Kits:
Kit with one Color:
Dye the epoxy resin in the delivered color. Apply the colored epoxy resin over the entire surface.

Kit with two Colors:
First color: The main color is for the basecoat. Dye 90% of the delivered epoxy resin in this color. Apply the colored epoxy resin over the entire surface.
Second color: The second color is for the highlights. Dye 10% of the delivered epoxy resin in this color. Incorporate it wet in wet on the basecoat.

Marble Kits:
Apply the clear resin-hardener mixture over the entire area and let it cure.

  • Pour the resin-hardener mixture onto the surface to be coated immediately after mixing, as the product may boil in the mixing cup depending on the system and the amount of substance.
  • Apply the material with a squeegee and roller and let it flood over the desired surface.
  • Let the epoxy set 30-60min. and remove the masking tape. Use a brush to even out the thicker epoxy running down the edge. If necessary, apply more epoxy to obtain perfect coverage on the edge.
  • The main coating is cured after 16-24h.

Epoxy resin is sensitive to any kind of moisture during curing (risk of amine blush formation, i.e. white patches in the top layer). For this reason, we recommend that you avoid any contact between water and the epoxy until it has cured completely (at least 7 days). For thin layers, cold temperatures (ambient, substrate, and resin temperatures below 70°F), and increased humidity, the time until the epoxy resin is fully cured may be extended.

Consumption Volumes

Total Thickness for Floors and Other Surfaces: 1/16”

  • Priming with Clear Epoxy: approx. 1oz/sqft
  • Priming with EPOXY PRIMER: approx. 0.65oz/sqft
  • Main Layer: approx. 4oz/sqft

Customer Service: If you have further questions, please contact us by phone, e-mail or use our WhatsApp support.

Note: Please note that due to different lighting conditions and monitors, the colors may not be uniformly displayed. All information is recommendations based on our experience; without legal obligation.

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Rated 4.7945205479452 out of 5 stars
73 reviews

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