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  •  5 out of 5

    Working time is the best feature!

    First time user and I have experience with epoxy resin. I was really surprised when I didn't need to torch the bubbles. They really did just disappear! I used the Art & Crafts Resin and plan to experience the others as well. As a resin on canvas artist on youtube the Art & Crafts Resin's working time was one of the best features. I didn't feel rushed like usual. Can't wait to try the other products. the Art Chick https://youtu.be/zMLQBEVsCqw

  •  5 out of 5

    Platinum Silver Beauty

    Used it for covering concrete floors in our new office area. Concrete has to be in immaculate condition before using the Epoxy. In general product is great. Instructions and videos are a must if it is your first time!! Love the looks of the floor!!

  •  5 out of 5

    Counter Tops Looking like new !!

    Thanks Epodex!! My counter tops looks like new thanks to the best epoxy resin in the available in market right now!.

  •  5 out of 5

    Golden Beauty!

    Used the Counter top Kit for my double sink project and it turned out great ! very easy to use. I recommend you watch all instructional videos.

  •  4 out of 5

    Perfection !

    This came out way better than expected. Make sure you read and watch videos. It is a must!!! Only issue was the delivery time. Not as promised.

  •  5 out of 5

    Best Colors for counter tops!

    The shine and colors are gorgeous!! Makes this look very expensive... Must watch the videos! I will 100% buy again.

  •  5 out of 5

    Marble Looking Top

    This worked super great! I would definitely use this again.

  •  5 out of 5

    Perfect finish.

    No bubbles, perfect finish !

  •  5 out of 5

    Easy and Fun !

    Super easy to use. Let it cure a little longer just to be safe but overall I’m super pleased. Minimal bubbles.

  •  5 out of 5

    Stunning floors!

    Best investment ever... Would not have it any other way

  •  5 out of 5

    Black and White !

    Worked perfect ! great product. Make sure your artistic abilities are on point ! 🙂 Very pleased with the end results.

  •  5 out of 5

    Beautiful black river table.

    Everything about my experience with Epodex has been great! my work turned out beautiful. I would highly recommend this company and will not hesitate to go back to them in the future.