Epoxy Basement Floor

Epoxy Basement Floor from EPODEX

Are you looking for the high-quality epoxy resin to coat your basement floor? Then you’ve come to the right place! Discover now our precalculated flooring kits!

Coating Basement Floors

Basement floors are exposed to different loads depending on their use. Whether you use your basement as a storage room, bicycle room, laundry room, workshop, hobby area, or fitness lounge, an epoxy basement floor is always worthwhile!

With an epoxy basement floor, you effectively and permanently protect the basement from damage. The sealant makes the floor insensitive to weight loads and protects against contamination from leaking liquids. The resin basement floor is easy to clean and can always be refurbished or changed in color if necessary. Polishing with a machine is easily possible at any time and provides a fresh shine. Once cured, the epoxy flooring offers reliable protection against moisture penetration. Another advantage of an epoxy floor is the individual design freedom it offers.

Whether you want a colorless seal, an exciting design floor with a 3D effect, or a basement floor in your desired color – everything is possible without any problems!

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Basement Floor Paint

Besides epoxy resin for an epoxy basement floor, our CONCRETE PAINT 2K concrete paint is also suitable. Since this paint is also based on epoxy resin, the properties are similar. The difference is in the application and use. Epoxy resin is poured on and levels itself out. So, with casting resin, damaged areas are also repaired at the same time. If you use stone paint, a much thinner layer is applied. The paint is spread on the floor with an ordinary paint roller.

Both options are very good sealers for your basement floor and protect it from stress and leaking liquids. A poured epoxy basement floor is even slightly more resilient and resistant than a painted coating. Depending on your personal needs and the loads on-site, you can then decide which method is right for you. Generally – for more normal loads and a floor that shows no major damage, CONCRETE PAINT is sufficient. In case of high load or heavily damaged floors, casting resin is more suitable.

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Waterproof the Basement Floor with Epoxy Resin

It is not uncommon for basements to leak and for moisture to seep through the floor. Especially in older houses, this problem often exists. Unfortunately, moisture can cause expensive damage to the fabric of the building. Likewise, moisture favors the development of mold. A safe and quick solution to the problem is waterproofing with an epoxy basement floor. The viscous epoxy penetrates every pore of the floor and makes the epoxy basement floor waterproof.

However, it is important that the basement floor is drained before the resin is poured on. Otherwise, amine blush will form. In addition, there is a high risk that the epoxy resin will not cure completely and evenly.

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