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Sealing Epoxy has numerous benefits to any surface. The long list of advantages includes a crystal-clear diamond clarity, bubble-free, UV stabilized, withstands scratches, solvent, BPA free, and odorless epoxy kit. Working with sealing epoxy has never been easier. Seal tabletops, bar tops, countertops, river tables, floors, and much more.

Advantages of Sealing with Epoxy

Sealing epoxy is designed to close off surface pores of surfaces such as concrete, glass, wood, metal, and ceramic to make it impervious to liquids. Epoxy protects surfaces from damages caused by water and oil stains. It can also prevent corrosion due to harsh chemicals and it protects surfaces from abrasions and impact. Easy to clean and maintain giving any surface a resilient finish.

It is sold clear with the opportunity to choose one colorant in combination with the quantity selected. Don’t bother calculating the amount of colorant you need; we do the nitty-gritty work for you. We guarantee a hassle-free shopping experience.

All you need to do is determine how much epoxy is required for your project with the help of your epoxy calculator found here and on the product page of the Coating & Sealing epoxy kit.

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How to Seal Surfaces with Epoxy

The EPODEX Coating & Sealing kit consists of a resin and a hardener. It is ideal in the coating, sealing, and crafting as well as a variety of applications. Start by preparing the surface to be sealed. Repair any cracks, holes, or edges. Make sure the surface is dry, clean, and dust-free. Mix the resin and hardener at a 2:1 ratio and apply a thin layer over the entire surface with a foam roller.

Allow a minimum of 12 hours at 70°F to further cast. Alternatively, you can allow 24 hours for the layer to harden. Continue with the main layer in the same way. If a colorant was chosen at purchase, you can mix it into the resin and hardener now. Pour it over the surface and use a foam roller or squeegee to spread the sealing epoxy.

The Coating & Sealing epoxy kit is self-leveling giving you a flawless result every time. Allow the main layer to cure for 24 hours. 2 coats are highly recommended with a total layer thickness of 1/16″.

Optional Topcoat

Apply a layer of PU varnish. You can safely and confidently apply this over epoxy. It will protect your work from UV rays and scratches. A PU varnish over an epoxy layer prevents oxidation of the vanish if exposed to UV rays which extend the life of the epoxy underneath.

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Sealing Wood

The most popular use of sealing epoxy is sealing the wood. Wood is extremely porous and susceptible to water damage, erosion, and rot. Sealing epoxy creates a waterproof non-corrosive finish allowing the epoxy to harden the surface of the wood. It acts as a barrier between the wood and the world.  Sealing epoxy for wood has tremendous strengthing properties, is cost-effective, and withstands heat.

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