Resin for Art

Resin for Art

Resin for art is becoming extremely popular in the interior design world. Artists have moved far beyond just simple epoxy paintings. Our high-quality kit is ideal to make jewelry, sculptures, and decorations of any type.

What is Epoxy Resin for Arts & Crafts?

Resin for art includes the design and creation of canvases, pictures, figurines, and sculptures. Art resin is created when epoxy resin is combined with various epoxy pigments & colorants which generate a blend of unique patterns and textures.

The result is a durable, long-lasting eye-catching masterpiece. Epoxy for art is affordable and easy to do even for beginners. The easy steps welcome levels of all kinds who wish to plunge into the world of epoxy resin art.

Forget purchasing expensive paintings that you don’t even love. Put your creativity to use and create one-of-a-kind to make a space sparkle with brilliance. Art epoxy is versatile allowing endless possibilities. With our 164 colorants, the largest selection across the USA, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

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How to use Art Resin

Resin for art can be used on a variety of materials except for oily surfaces! Make sure your surface is clean, dry, and dust-free. Use wood, metal, stone, flowers, dry acrylic, photographs, and inkjet prints to create mind-blowing art epoxy.

Become the artist you’ve always dreamed of in a few easy steps. The properties and qualities of the Art Resin & Crafting Kit from EPODEX allow artists and DIYers to breathe new life into their work. The high-quality epoxy resin is UV stabilized and withstands scratches all while offering a high gloss effect. Create unique designs using a steady hand technique and our Art Resin & Crafting Kit.

Resin for art is also known as acrylic pouring, a technique where acrylic paint is poured onto a canvas. The colors are poured in layers one after the other. Apply a crystal-clear coating to protect your work or mimic this technique by using epoxy pigments & colorants. You truly have the freedom for unlimited design potential. Art Resin & Crafting Kit from EPODEX offers stunning colors with maximum protection.

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Dirty Pour Technique

A dirty pour is a pouring technique where a variety of pigments and colorants are mixed and applied to the surface wet on wet. Gather your Art Resin & Crafting kit and prepare the canvas to be coated. Use a plastic cloth to cover any areas where you don’t want the epoxy to get on as there will be drip over the edges.

Wear gloves, a mask, and protective clothing when processing the epoxy resin. Work at an ambient temperature of 70°F and get ready to create magic with resin for art in a few simple steps. Apply your base color over the entire canvas. Now mix your pigments with epoxy separately and pour them on the surface creating unique lines and waves with a stir stick. Make sure you go over the sides and edges of the canvas.

Allow the epoxy resin art to cure for the appropriate time. If desired, you can sand the edges and underside with a sander or dry sandpaper. Lastly, apply a final topcoat layer of clear epoxy for the final touch.

Pro Tip: Metallic mica powders add beautiful depth over a solid base color when working with resin.

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