Epoxy Resin Glitter Powder Pigments

Epoxy Resin Glitter Powder Pigments

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EPODEX epoxy resins are ideal for every project. Choose now between our 3 epoxy kits. For floors, countertops, and other coatings, we recommend our ECO epoxy resin. For coatings, small castings, and Art Resin we recommend our crystal-clear PRO epoxy. For river-tables and other deep pourings, we recommend our PRO+ epoxy kit. Each kit consists of resin and hardener (mixing ratio 2:1). Click on “Learn more” and “Watch-video” for more information. By selecting a color, you will receive coloring agents to color your epoxy.

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EPODEX Epoxy Resin Glitter Powder Pigments

EPODEX epoxy resin is ideal for a variety of applications. From construction, through electrical engineering and furniture coating. Coat your floors, tabletops and other items. Seal pictures or make your own jewelry. No matter your project, we can help you achieve it. Our epoxy resin systems are miscible with all our colors. Application examples can be foand in the gallery.

Instructions for Use

  1. Always start with an epoxy resin primer to avoid high material loss and blistering (layer thickness: approx. 1/64″ mm). To do so, simply use a portion of the same clear epoxy resin. Mix resin A-component with hardener B-component. You can find the right mixing ratio in our information table under the the info button “Learn more” on this page.
  2. Stir through the edge and bottom of the mixing cup as material will settle there. Ideally, pour into a clean mixing cup and mix again until the mixture is streak-free. This ensures that the resin A-component and hardener B-component are completely mixed together.
  3. Pour the resin-hardener mixture onto the surface to be coated immediately after mixing, as the product may boil in the mixing cup depending on the system and the amount of substance.
  4. Paint the epoxy primer with a paint roller or brush on the desired surface. We recommend rollers made of polyamide.
  5. Let the primer cure. The curing time varies depending on the temperature, layer thickness and epoxy resin kit. Please refer to our information table under the the info button “Learn more” which can be found on this page.
  6. Continue with the main coating in the same way. To color the main coating, mix the supplied color pigments with the resin A-component or with resin-hardener mixture. recommended quantity of powder pigment to reach full coverage: ca. 1% glitter powder on total resin + hardener weight, e.g. 10g(0,35oz) Glitter pigments for 32oz resin + hardener. Adjust the color intensity individually by adding more or less color pigments. Processing times, pouring heights and curing times vary depending on the epoxy resin kit selected and the application. You can find more detailed information in our information table under the the info button “Learn more” on this page

Info: Epoxy resin is sensitive to any kind of moisture during curing (risk of amine blush formation, i.e. white patches in the top layer). For this reason, we recommend that you avoid any contact between water and the epoxy until it has cured completely. For thin layers, cold temperatures (ambient, substrate, and resin temperatures below 70°F) and increased humidity, the time until the epoxy resin is fully cured may be extended.

Consumption Volumes

Determine the required amount with the help of our epoxy resin “Epoxy calculator” on this page.

Total Thickness for Floors and Other Surfaces: 1/16”

  • Priming with ECO: approx. 1oz/sqft
  • Priming with EPOXY PRIMER: approx. 0.65oz/sqft
  • Main Layer: approx. 4oz/sqft

Customer Service: If you have further questions, please contact us by phone, e-mail or use our WhatsApp support.

Note: Please note that due to different lighting conditions and monitors, the colors may not be uniformly displayed. All information is recommendations based on our experience; without legal obligation.

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